Board Members

H.E Ambassador Dr. Andre Thomas

Founder, Chairman and CEO

Andre Thomas is a UN Ambassador of Peace, Entrepreneur, Bishop, Government and Political Strategy Consultant, Thought Leader and Prolific Author. He has founded and leads the following organizations: 

1. Caribbean Israel Leadership Coalition
Caribbean Israel Leadership Coalition is an organization that partners with Israeli expertise,
technology and investment to bring sustainable development for the Caribbean. The company also  engages Caribbean people in the Pro-Israel movement to counter the global rise of anti-Semitism and the campaign to delegitimize the Nation of Israel.

2. The Ideas and Solutions Group Inc.
The Ideas and Solutions Group Inc is a strategy consulting, leadership development and publishing
company, with a mission to bring strategy and leadership development to emerging world changers.

3. Fresh Anointing and Wisdom Network
Fresh Anointing and Wisdom Network is a global network of Christian leaders dedicated to
transforming the Church into a solution center for nations.
Website: www,

4. Divine Visitation Assemblies
Divine Visitation Assemblies is a growing network of local assemblies that take people from
bondage to greatness.

His books include:

1. The Organizational Visionary
2. The Gift of Political Leadership
3. 12 Spheres of Leadership (The 12 types of leaders that shape the destinies of nations)
4. Unlock Your Greatness (A Young Leaders’ Handbook)
5. Discovering Me
6. Uncommon Men and Distinguished Women
7. Seven Principles of Commonwealth Leadership
9. Discovering your Leadership Assignment
10. Preparing for your Leadership Assignment
11. Executing your Leadership Assignment
12. I Am a Leader (Inspiring Greatness in Kids)
13. The Political Visionary
14. The Journey from Brokenness to Wholeness
15. The Social Visionary

16. Leading Nations to Economic Dignity
17. Lesson from History for Policy Makers
18. Wisdom for Leadership Coaches
19. 31 Wisdom Keys to Unlock your Greatness
20. 30 Days of Empowerment to Win Life’s Battles
21. 31 Days that Will Equip You to Decode the Plan of God
22. 30 Days that Will Deepen Your Ability to Love and Be Loved
23. 31 Days that Will Make You Wiser
24. ABC’s of the Kingdom of God
25. 31 Scriptural Secrets that will Improve your Prayer Life

Ms. Maayan Navon

Director of Israel Office

Maayan Navon was born in Jerusalem, Israel on November 6, 1981. She is married with two children and is presently living in the city of Tel Aviv.

Maayan joined the Israeli Air Force in the year of 2000 and served for the first two years as an Operations Officer in the Operations Center. She was  in charge of a staff of all Operation Officers in the squadrons. She then held the position of a Foreign Affairs Officer for a period of two years, and completed her military service as a Captain. During this time, Maayan also completed her B.A in Political Science.

For the following eight years, Maayan worked in a Global Holdings Group which developed various projects in Africa and South America, utilizing Israeli technologies and knowledge in various fields such as security, agriculture, water, etc. Her portfolio also included business development for new markets around the world.

In 2011, Maayan completed her Master of Business Administration [MBA] from the University of Edinburg, England. For two years, Maayan developed for the first time the ‘Friend of Israel Division’ in South East Asia. She was the representative of the official fundraising organization for Israel in the world.

Presently, she is a private advisor to Global Projects Social and Business- specializing in the field of connecting business and organizations to major impact projects in the private and governmental area.

She is also a partner with the Caribbean Israel Leadership Coalition that connects business people from all industries in Israel to 22 countries in the Caribbean. She is an active member of the Board of Directors at ‘Ofek Israeli’. an advisor to the chairman of Keren Hayesod and a volunteer in the organization 'Children in Distress.'

Maayan’s goal is to bring Israeli technology, knowledge and solutions to all parts of the world. Working together for ‘Tikkun olam’.

Ms. Rena Riger

Board Director

For over a decade, Ms. Riger, as CEO of Exclusively Israel, has represented private entities as well as global institutions. She assisted their entrance   into Israel and navigated between government and private corporations to serve her client’s best interest. In addition, Rena has been retained as a Strategic and Business Consultant by several Israeli companies looking to scale beyond Israel’s borders.


Having previously served as Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Director of Foreign Affairs (2000 – 2003), she established relationships globally and in all sectors of Israeli society. After graduating from Brooklyn College Cum Laude with a B.S in Computer Science and before moving to Israel in 1998, Ms. Riger worked at Prudential Securities and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Ms. Riger currently resides in Jerusalem with her husband and four sons.

Ambassador Ned L. Siegel

Board Director

Ned L. Siegel is a former U. S. Ambassador to the Commonwealth of the Bahamas with over 30 years of entrepreneurial successes. Ambassador Siegel has experience in operations, management, and residential and commercial real estate development.

Ambassador Siegel began his career in law which he left to pursue his passion as an entrepreneur. He joined The Howard Siegel Companies soon afterwards and expanded the company into the Weingarten-Siegel Group, one of the largest residential developers in the nation.

After many successful business ventures, he was appointed by Florida's Governor Jeb Bush to enterprise Florida’s Board of Directors, and to the Space Research and Commerce Park Planning & Amp Development Committee at the John F. Kennedy Space Center. President George W. Bush honored Ambassador Siegel in 2003 with a Presidential Appointment to the Board of Directors of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, followed by an appointment in 2006 to serve as a Representative of the United States to the United Nations.

He was soon asked to serve as U. S. Ambassador of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, where he used his expertise and business experiences to oversee all operations of the U.S. Embassy, Nassau. The experience gained in holding four varied government appointments when coupled with
three decades of private sector entrepreneurial successes, provides the foundation for the diverse and unique expertise of The Siegel Group. The group's broad network of developed contacts and relationships help them to serve the needs of their client base.

Ambassador Siegel graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Connecticut in 1973 and received a Juris Doctorate from the Dickinson School of Law in 1976. He currently resides in Boca Raton, Florida with his wife Stephanie, where he is well known for his involvement in both business and civic organizations.


Lord Robert Orville Thomas Regester 


A member of the International association of Arbitration. Member of The Chartered institute of Legal executives. LLM Masters in International Law. PHD in international law

In the process of starting another PHD in international Trade law, Mr Thomas currently works as a legal consultant to several law firms in US / Europe/Middle East and the U.K.

He has been a legal consultant in various practice areas of law which includes :
Criminal law
Corporate Law
Immigration Law
Human Rights Law

He has Over 14 years experience with legal procedures and court cases in international Law and within the U.K.

Having worked in the public and private sector with several government officials Mr Thomas has had several appointment

Lord Thomas sat  as Judge Chief Justice for the indigenous Cherokee Nation

Lord Thomas sits as Senior Judge to the Kingdom of Colonia St John

Lord Thomas is also a senior advisor to HRH king John

In 2018 Lord Thomas was appointed as Judge Thomas for the the Sovereign ICJ ICC .! Judge Thomas was name Head of legal affairs for the sovereign ICJ ICC dealing with the financial sector for historical asset and redemption.

In 2017 Mr Robert Orville Thomas was appointed
As Lord Thomas and as a Sovereign by the ICJ- ICC ( international Court of Justice and International Criminal Court) in the capacity of a Notary and a certified Sovereign Underwriter under the section of the First Republic Registrars. Dealing with the legalities of Banking redemption and Historical assets.

Mr Robert Orville Thomas was appointed the Chairman of Xrosspolination an Arts Association and partners of the Royal Society of Arts.

He is the founder of Global Legal solutions Platform and Make your complaint.

He is and adviser to several officials in the U.K. and internationally

Currently he is a Consultant to Clean Energy group DRENEL, helping with green energy initiatives in places like, Africa, Asia, Europe and the U.K.
Working in partnership with C.B.E Mr James Brathwaite (and has done so for more than 12 years )

Business Partner of  former U.K. Defense  Minister Mr Ivor Caplin
Currently co own a Sport’s Agency with him as well. 

Lord Thomas was also appointed a UN Ambassador for WOLMI in the capacity of legal expert attached to The Geneva office.

Lord Thomas was equally appointed a UN ambassador to Ho-Tak security, as head of the legal department (dealing with matters of international security ) New York Office

Lord Thomas currently sits on several boards such as National and international committees, private companies and charity organisations. 

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Board Director