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H. E. Ambassador Dr. Andre Thomas

Founder, Chairman and CEO


Andre Thomas is a UN Ambassador of Peace, Entrepreneur, Bishop, Government and Political Strategy Consultant, Thought Leader and Prolific Author. He has founded and leads the following organizations: 

1. Caribbean Israel Leadership Coalition
Caribbean Israel Leadership Coalition is an organization that partners with Israeli expertise, technology and investment to bring sustainable development for the Caribbean. The company also  engages Caribbean people in the Pro-Israel movement to counter the global rise of anti-Semitism and the campaign to delegitimize the Nation of Israel.

2. The Ideas and Solutions Group Inc.
The Ideas and Solutions Group Inc is a strategy consulting, leadership development and publishing company, with a mission to bring strategy and leadership development to emerging world changers.

3. Fresh Anointing and Wisdom Network
Fresh Anointing and Wisdom Network is a global network of Christian leaders dedicated to transforming the Church into a solution center for nations.
Website: www,

4. Divine Visitation Assemblies
Divine Visitation Assemblies is a growing network of local assemblies that take people from bondage to greatness.

His books include:

1. The Organizational Visionary
2. The Gift of Political Leadership
3. 12 Spheres of Leadership (The 12 types of leaders that shape the destinies of nations)
4. Unlock Your Greatness (A Young Leaders’ Handbook)
5. Discovering Me
6. Uncommon Men and Distinguished Women
7. Seven Principles of Commonwealth Leadership
8. Discovering your Leadership Assignment
9. Preparing for your Leadership Assignment
10. Executing your Leadership Assignment
11. I Am a Leader (Inspiring Greatness in Kids)
12. The Political Visionary
13. The Journey from Brokenness to Wholeness
14. The Social Visionary

15. Leading Nations to Economic Dignity
16. Lesson from History for Policy Makers
17. Wisdom for Leadership Coaches
18. 31 Wisdom Keys to Unlock your Greatness
19. 30 Days of Empowerment to Win Life’s Battles
20. 31 Days that Will Equip You to Decode the Plan of God
21. 30 Days that Will Deepen Your Ability to Love and Be Loved
22. 31 Days that Will Make You Wiser
23. ABC’s of the Kingdom of God
24. 31 Scriptural Secrets that will Improve your Prayer Life