Ms. Dawn-Marie Simpson



Dawn Simpson is an accomplished international business executive with 20 years of experience in international financial services with a focus on developing countries. She is a consultant to international investors, non-profits, governments and major corporations. Her fascination and drive come from her humanitarian missions in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean. She is considered to be an economic justice freedom fighter. Her mission is to engage with international decision makers and thought leaders in international public policy. She opens to challenges and exchange of ideas to unite the Caribbean Nations.

Her background in International Relations, Investment Banking, Marketing, Human Resources, Film & Music has forged her place with a diversified group of influencers. She also was instrumental in the formulating of the download automation of foreign exchange block trades at Citigroup/Solomon Smith Barney. Prior to working in the international consultancy industry, she was a Client Account Manager and Compliance Officer at Credit Suisse Investment Bank. One significant accomplishment was to ameliorate Jamaica’s risk rating from high risk to medium risk which enabled some of the largest financial firms to open international trading accounts. This caused a significant development within the investment banking system in Jamaica.

At present, Ms. Simpson is the International Business Advisor for the Office of the Vice President of Suriname and the Director of Investments & Trade at Grassalco, a State-owned entity representing Suriname’s natural resources.

Ms. Simpson is from a bloodline known to be influential in the world, with the likes of former Secretary of State Colin Powell, Former Prime Minister of Jamaica H.E. Portia Simpson-Miller and the current Prime Minister of Jamaica H.E. Andrew Holness.

Ms. Simpson is also a film and music producer and music executive producer of which one her projects was nominated for the 2011 Grammy Awards.

Ms. Simpson is a member of the Dean’s List and a graduate of New York University where her focus was Global Economics, International Human Rights and Law.